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Hi thanks for taking the time to browse through my website. Please check out some of my music demos that I recorded at my home studio, these tracks are Instrumental in nature. I'm a big fan of rock guitar but this doesn't have to be in the context of rock / metal music this can be within any style of music really. Hey, I'm not breaking any new musical ground here, this is just me having a blast and at the same time trying to raise my profile as a musician and guitarist. These days I prefer great songs with stunning vocals with the added bonus of guitar pyrotechnics. There are some phenomenal players out there with more still to come, it?s this what makes the instrument so appealing. But for me being a musician is an endless journey and has been nearly all my life. I have shared the stage with some of my heroes and met some amazingly talented people along the way, so I do hope you can stop the bus for a while and take a listen to what I have been up to. Incidentally if there are any bands or solo artists out there that in the near future find themselves in need of a Guitarist (Songwriter, Arranger, Producer) with backing vocals, for any of your future projects be it either studio or live work, please consider me as a potential candidate as I would love to hear from people that share the same passion. Please feel free to contact me and I will respond as quickly as I can. Lastly, I would like to take a little time to express a special mention to my good lady "Anita" (The "big fella" was showing off when he made you) for all the endless support and encouragement over the years and for putting up with my musical tantrums and for never telling me to "turn it down"....... a rare find indeed.
All the best to you and yours