I have been playing guitar now for over three decades, pretending at 10 years old by gonking in the mirror with a tennis racket to some of favourite bands (long before "Guitar Hero" came out,). At the age of 12 after my tennis racket needed new strings I managed to convince my Mum (bless her) that I wanted to play guitar and somehow she managed to scramble a bit of cash together to buy me my first electric guitar and practice amp. It was a copy of a "Gibson ES 335" and the amp had an amazing thing called "overdrive" built in much to the annoyance of our neighbours. I didn't actually start to make some headway though until a local guitarist told me that I had to actually press the strings down to get a note (what a brain fart), since then I haven't looked back.

I cut my teeth live "so to speak" playing in different bands covering a broad range of musical styles over the years ranging from Tribute, Corporate, Pub/Club to original Rock/AOR bands (Adult Orientated Rock) supporting name artists at prestigious venues up and down the UK. I do also teach guitar plus I also run a repair / setup service when I can actually find the time these days. I studied music theory for a year with a GIT (Guitar Institute) instructor to basically but the music jigsaw together and I also took classically trained singing lessons to add to the mix.

It?s a bit of a clich? but I am heavily influenced by "Classical" music and have been for many years but not to the extent of trying to bore people. The fusion between melodic rock with a sprinkling of classical expression is exactly that, class. "Film Score" also has a real added interest for me but one of my mainstay passions is Melodic Rock, be it AOR, Hard, Symphonic or Progressive Metal. This is the arena that I'm most comfortable in and I?d like to think that I have matured a lot not only as a guitarist but as a musician as these days I favour a great song with the added entwined pyrotechnics of soaring melodic lead guitar lines. I used to share lead and rhythm Guitar duties in an AOR band called "Sevendayz" with my good friend and "Brother in Arms" Dave Wasson (a rare talent) which had a good following on the live circuit. In May of 2008 whilst supporting the Frontiers record label melodic rockers "House Of Lords" in Birmingham, we were fortunate enough to be signed to an American record label based in New York who flew us over to the states in November of the same year, just as America was waking up to a new dawn and President. This was a dream come true for us and was a "totally awesome experience" of which I personally will never forget. But sadly some months later as the album was being finished off the band "Imploded" (as many bands do) and the album was never released. So the end of the story is as yet, still to be written.